Although there were not many paper mills in Limburg, there were already a few around in the 18th century – alongside fast-flowing rivers such as the Gulp in Gulpen and the Jeker in Maastricht for instance. But the history of the Meerssen mill really begins in the 19th century, on the last day of 1837. It was on this day that the bankers Jean and Mathieu Tielens and the Maastricht merchant Godefridus Schrammen established the Tielens & Schrammen company.

In 1839 they became the official leaseholders of a mill (dating from 1712) in Mechelen near Gulpen and a year later, they established another company on the river Geul at Weert close to Meerssen. The three of them bought a mill (dating from 1717) from a Maastricht cloth manufacturer and a few plots of farmland and meadow.

The mill was converted into a paper production mill where, which in addition to handmade paper, endless (machine-made) paper could be produced. The stately mill, outbuildings and paper machines are still present to this day as if nothing had ever happened in between. But we know better….