Meerssen Papier demonstrates now for many years that the combination of our values and expertise, to produce top quality and customized papers for a wide range of different applications in several niche markets.
We aim to meet customers’ needs, create solutions and enable competitive advantages. Meerssen Papier values strong customer relationships and treat our partners with openness, and fairness.

The Meerssen Papier business philosophy is simple: “only by working to ensure the success of our customers, can we secure our own”

The distinct profile of Meerssen Papier can be characterized by our Unique Selling Points:

  • We can produce almost all Colors. Take a look at our C-6500+ Service,

  • The minimum order quantity of 1 Ton paper is worldwide unique,

  • Customization, we are able to develop new products and innovations. Our company continuously evolves while remaining a reliable partner to our customers.




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Our teams and people make us unique, are committed to realize the best quality and service for our customers, are flexible and approach our work with passion and ambition. The fundamental values are to approach challenges with optimism and a positive attitude and define and realize constructive solutions with teamwork. The knowledge and craft skills of our people are the basis for the supplied top quality of Meerssen Papier.

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